Overview of Ansarada's Platform

Introduction and Overview of Ansarada’s Platform

Overview of the Ansarada Virtual Data Room. Key features and benefits of using the Ansarada VDR. Pricing policy and available methods to contact the customer support service.

Ansarada Virtual Data Room Overview

Ansarada Virtual Data Room is a handy tool that is widely used in various business spheres. In fact, this is a virtual data room that helps in managing businesses, conducting mergers and acquisition deals, tender consultants, creating fundraising projects, managing corporate transactions, and more. This is an AI-powered dealmaking platform that makes it one of the top solutions in the Virtual Data Room market. Due to this, most processes are automated. You do not need to spend your time and resources, for example, on repeating patterns associated with registering new users, sending reports, monitoring activity, and so on.

Key Features

The platform is very flexible, so you can customize it according to your current business needs. However, there are some basic features, which are described in the list below.

Ease of use

The interface of the platform is simple, so all Virtual Data Room users can quickly get used to it even if they have not faced similar resources before. Furthermore, the service implements intuitive navigation through sections, management and so on. What is more, the platform is responsible so that you can use it both from your desktop computer or laptop and from your mobile device.

Advanced security

The platform allows you to track any activity, monitor members who log in and out of the system, use watermarks on documents, etc. Plus, you can configure the ability to self-destruct documents and check them for malware.

Detailed report

The functionality of the platform allows you to keep a detailed log of reports using graphical elements to enhance visibility and user experience. This helps fix mistakes and optimize and increase the efficiency of your business as a whole.

Integration with third-party resources

Currently, you can expand your capabilities using integration with services like Dropbox, the whole set of Google Workspace tools, etc.

Interaction tools

The current Virtual Data Room platform offers you the ability to create and conduct surveys, embed Q&A sections, communicate with individual project members, create meetings, and more. This increases the interaction between team members and impacts the efficiency of the project as a whole.

Pricing policy

The Ansarada VDR has a full-fledged trial period that allows you to use all tools of the platform for free. If you decide to become a full member, you could pick one of the following pricing plans:

  1. Pro-Lite.
  2. Pro 1GB.
  3. Pro 2GB.
  4. Pro 4GB.
  5. Pro +.

You can select each of the above-mentioned plans and purchase it for one, three, six, or twelve months. So the final price depends on the type of pricing plan and its duration. For example, the Pro-Lite plan for three months costs $152, while the Pro 4GB plan for one month is about $179.

Customer support service

If you face any issues connected with the financial or technical side of using the Ansarada platform, you may try the following ways to contact the helpdesk:

  • Activate the live-chat option.
  • Follow team experts on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
  • Use a handy ticket system.